Congress Helps Chinese Trade Behind Trump's Back | TWIC

Why did Congress quietly pass this bill? It seems some Senators don't want to be seen opposing Trump's trade policy, but they don't mind voting against them. Iziah explains it in This Week in Congress.

Immigration Policy - This Week In Congress

This Week in Congress I covered Immigration Policy The Trump Administration's DHS policy of separating undocumented families is on everyone’s minds. Congress is looking to reform immigration in lue of really bad optics and what looks to be against international human rights conventions. What will Congress do? There are factions in favor of increasing law order with legislation? ANd others looking to secure human rights? It seems the GOP will try and do both. Here’s are the bills you need to know about.

Whose Economy Is It Anyway? Trump or Obama | Iziah Explains

Are we seeing the effects of Trump's economic policies? Obama's? Or is it something else? @Iziahthompson explains how voters look at economies and how President's shape them.

Sexual Harassment and Big Spending - This Week In Congress

Did you know the government shutdown again? Did you know we pay for Congressional sexual harassment settlements? @IziahThompson breaks it down in This Week In Congress

US Census Changes & Congress Votes on The Assad Regime - This Week In Congress

This week, Iziah covers the Senate's confirmations of Trump appointments, changes to the US Census and four bills that your House Representatives passed this week. (This includes a bill directing the POTUS on aid to Syria's Assad Regime.)

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