Iziah Thomspon is a Nneka Fritz scholar at NYU Wagner
School of Public Service. With a background in researching
and writing about politics, his interests in legal and social
issues has landed his work on the Huffington Post Blog
and the Fair Observer. 

Prior to his current role, Iziah served in Americorps where
he traveled the American south responding to natural
disasters and rebuilding infrastructure.

For Daily Clout, Iziah works to make legislation palatable to regular people in a column This Week in Congress and a video series of the same name. His focus is on bridging the gap between what is exhibited in academic journals and where the public discourse is. Iziah believes that our society works better when people are given access to good information and policymakers use research-based approaches to move the country forward.

He likes VR Tech, writing long stories, and speaking to youth about empowerment. For business purposes contact him at [email protected] 

Interesting Facts

Iziah  co-founded a youth engagement organization in high school.  As political advocacy chairman, he was able to increase civic awareness in students. The organization's annual youth event hosted the likes of Burute
Kafele and filled the high school auditorium on weekends with 1,000 actively engaged

Iziah instructed golf under New Jersey PGA's #1 ranked youth golf instructor, Bill Castner.

Since the age of seven, he had been teaching golf. From my work with the First Tee to the Special Olympics, I have been using a game I love to give back.

As my town looked to rebrand, he was featured in the nationally broadcast  commercial, "Historical Plainfield." My other credits include a guest appearance on National Radio BKS1 show Let’s Talk About It! and as a speaker at the City of Plainfield

Youth Summit featuring Marc Lamont Hill, PHD, regular on MSNBC.

Business Email & Personal Email [email protected]